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State Roofing takes great pride in being an environmentally conscious and friendly company.
We offer a variety of both roofing and decking options for your home that are made from recycled materials.

Ready to go green with State Roofing?

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Word On The Street

State Roofing came out and did the job quickly and beautifully. Excellent clean up too. Thank you, Thank you!

Fred L.

The men who installed our metal roof were skilled and very conscientious. They gave me total peace of mind.

Robyn R.

From start to finish, I felt like I was working with professionals who cared about their work and about my roof.

Jennifer R.

The roofers were excellent! The delivery crew delivered tiles in the pouring rain – with a smile – and our roofers were the BEST. Worked when it was cloudy and cold to get the job done on time.

Sandra K.

The people at State Roofing were excellent from the bid process through to the last nail. Our roof looks absolutely fantastic!

David M.
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State Roofing can offers a wide variety of roofing and decking
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Can I get a new roof in the winter?

With winter comes a drop in temperature and sometimes harsh weather such as snow. These elements don’t make for an ideal roofing environment. Luckily, we rarely experience extremely low temperatures or snow storms during winters in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike the rest of the country, it is possible to get a new roof in the […]

3 Key reasons to do regular gutter repair

Gutters don’t take much real estate on homes, so homeowners don’t always take notice of them. However, they play a huge role, despite their small size. Gutters have one job and one job only: to act as traffic control for rainwater, helping to guide the runoff from the roof and draining it away from the […]

4 Common Commercial Roofing Systems

Several types of roofing systems cover every type of commercial property and each has their own unique requirements. Knowing the difference between each type can help you decide whether one or the other is right for you. State Roofing shares a comparison of these commercial roofing systems.

Why a new roof will decrease your homeowners insurance

Whether it’s raining, hailing, or windy outside, your roof takes the brunt of all the harsh elements. However, if your roof has been neglected and isn’t in tip-top shape when bad weather hits, then you could be putting your home at risk for leaks or other potential severe damage. If your home does suffer damages […]

3 Eco-friendly roof materials you’ll want to consider

Here in the Pacific Northwest, people are becoming more and more conscious about their everyday impact on the environment—from limiting the use of plastic bags to composting food waste. This eco-conscious mindset is also spilling over into bigger purchase decisions such as energy-efficient appliances and roofing materials. To add more context: 11 million tons of […]