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State Roofing takes great pride in being an environmentally conscious and friendly company.
We offer a variety of both roofing and decking options for your home that are made from recycled materials.

Ready to go green with State Roofing?

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Word On The Street

State Roofing came out and did the job quickly and beautifully. Excellent clean up too. Thank you, Thank you!

Fred L.

The men who installed our metal roof were skilled and very conscientious. They gave me total peace of mind.

Robyn R.

From start to finish, I felt like I was working with professionals who cared about their work and about my roof.

Jennifer R.

The roofers were excellent! The delivery crew delivered tiles in the pouring rain – with a smile – and our roofers were the BEST. Worked when it was cloudy and cold to get the job done on time.

Sandra K.

The people at State Roofing were excellent from the bid process through to the last nail. Our roof looks absolutely fantastic!

David M.
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State Roofing can offers a wide variety of roofing and decking
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Why Metal Roofing Is a Great Investment

Most homes in the U.S. have asphalt shingle roofing systems–and for good reason. Asphalt shingles are tough, they last for a long time, they’re pretty easy to fix and they are an affordable option. Over the years, however, many forward-thinking homeowners have come to consider another option: metal roofing.

3 Unique Features and Advantages of Rubber Shingle Roofs

Many homeowners associate the term “rubber roof” with flat membrane roofing, often used in commercial properties. Rubber roofing is more than that, however. Rubber shingles have unique benefits and features that make them a great alternative to traditional asphalt shingles.

How to clean your roof of snow and ice in the winter

Warmer temperatures will just melt the snow and ice, so you don’t need to clear your roof, right? Unfortunately, that’s a common misconception among homeowners. Allowing ice and snow to accumulate on your roof can be damaging to your home. In severe cases, it can even cause your roof to collapse, especially with the heavy, […]

How You Get Your Money’s Worth With State Roofing

When it comes to roof repair, cost is a legitimate concern. After all, getting your roof fixed is not exactly cheap when you consider the materials and the labor. Another concern is whether fixing up the place will increase the value of your property.