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State Roofing takes great pride in being an environmentally conscious and friendly company.
We offer a variety of both roofing and decking options for your home that are made from recycled materials.

Ready to go green with State Roofing?

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Word On The Street

State Roofing came out and did the job quickly and beautifully. Excellent clean up too. Thank you, Thank you!

Fred L.

The men who installed our metal roof were skilled and very conscientious. They gave me total peace of mind.

Robyn R.

From start to finish, I felt like I was working with professionals who cared about their work and about my roof.

Jennifer R.

The roofers were excellent! The delivery crew delivered tiles in the pouring rain – with a smile – and our roofers were the BEST. Worked when it was cloudy and cold to get the job done on time.

Sandra K.

The people at State Roofing were excellent from the bid process through to the last nail. Our roof looks absolutely fantastic!

David M.
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State Roofing can offers a wide variety of roofing and decking
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Why roofing is important and roofing maintenance is important

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s how the majority of homeowners treat their roofs and roof maintenance. If you think about it, home maintenance is typically thought of in terms of cleaning the kitchen or mowing the lawn. Roofing isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about maintaining your […]

Important Considerations When Replacing Your Roof

Fixing or replacing your roofing system is a task one shouldn’t take lightly. There are so many factors homeowners have to think of before, during, and maybe even after the project.  This type of project represents a significant investment, so it’s important to be prepared. 

How to Make Your Asphalt Shingles Last Longer

Everything ages. Roofs, decks, siding boards — nothing is immune to the effects of time. Of course, some materials resist regular wear and tear better than others.  When it comes to asphalt shingles, weathering is your number one enemy. This particular type of roofing system has a life span of about 25 to 30 years. […]

Protecting Your Roof With Effective Coating Products

These days, it’s easy to find a roofing company that offers roof coating options to maintain your building’s roofing system. There are many advantages to getting a cold-applied coating on your roof. It helps provide an extra layer of protection for your building so that newer roofs age slower and aging roofs last longer. However, […]

Important Things to Do While Your Roof Is Being Replaced

Roof replacement is a laborious task and when you think of heavy repairs, you tend to wonder if it’ll be necessary for you to leave home for a while to let the contractors do their job. Luckily, while roof replacement is labor-intensive, it’s not a home improvement that consumes too much time. In fact, replacing […]